Why Life Insurance?

They say to look at what people take pictures of and you will see what they are afraid to lose. If you swipe through the photos on my phone you will find thousands of pictures of my husband and children. They mean absolutely everything to me.

My biggest fear is dying before my children are grown. It would be an unimaginable loss to them to lose their mother, but if I pass on while they are still young and living at home, what else is at risk for them to lose?

I work a fullâ€time job that helps provide their lifestyle. I am their onâ€call chauffer. I cook most of the meals they eat. I wash all their laundry. I clean our home. I am the family calendar and keep up with who has to be where and when.  I’m a mother, and it’s true when they say my work is never done.

If I died last night, my husband and kids are waking to a world with A) no wife/mother and B) a household with less income and financial uncertainty. I cannot replace their mother, and I cannot stop their grief, BUT I can remove some financial burden.

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I want my husband’s focus to be on healing and helping our children heal. I do not want him wondering how he will pay for my funeral, pay the bills without depleting the savings account, keep the older kids in their extracurricular activities, keep the preschooler in preschool, prepare for our teen to start driving, save for our kids’ college, etc .

My life insurance is set up to not only pay for my funeral expenses and fill in the loss of my income, but to also help with extra costs that could result from my death, such as, laundry service, house cleaning, and pay for someone to shuffle our children to the places they need to be, as well as, preparing for the future for my family.

If my life insurance can remove these burdens, then it has done its job.

This is my why. This is the reason my life is insured.

So, what is your why?

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