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All home insurance is NOT created equal. In fact, two policies can look identical at first glance but couldn’t be farther apart in terms of what the contract actually covers. We take a consultative approach with each and every client no matter if you are buying your first home or your tenth home to ensure that you understand every facet of the policy making sure to leave no stones unturned.

With array of coverages available, every home insurance policy will recommend standard coverages listed below to be included:

Dwelling: Replacement or repair of your home, if damaged due to any covered incident is paid by this coverage.

Personal Property: Items covered under your policy or beneath a structure covered, if any damage or loss occurs to those of your personal property.

Structures: Other detached structures of your home such as sheds, barns or garage on your property covered by your home insurance policy.

Loss of Use: Your home is hit by a natural disaster or any accident occurs making the condition worse for living. It pays for an alternate dwelling, be it another apartment or a hotel.

Medical Payments: Reimbursement of medical bills, if a guest or any outsider is injured on your property.

Personal Liability: An important coverage. Gives financial protection, if a lawsuit is filed against you due to the damage caused to others property or a bodily injury.

Barouh Integra Insurance always recommends the following additional endorsements and will quote the cost to add these to your policy:

  • Water Backup of Sewers/Drains – covers for blockages in the lines and even grease backing up the kitchen sink
  • Slow Seepage/Hidden Leak- covers for the slow internal leaks that you don’t see that occur over a longer period of time
  • Foundation- covers for shifting in your foundation due to some type of leak beneath your slab
  • Buried Utility Line/Service Line- covers for the underground lines such as gas lines leading from the street into your home
  • Expanded Replacement Coverage- provides an additional cushion of coverage (typically 25% additional) in the event your home is totally destroyed and the coverage is insufficient to rebuild

The best tip we can give is to encourage you to compare multiple insurance quotes.

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