Looking Ahead: Buy Travel Insurance

For the first time in history, we can officially say hindsight is 2020. We learned so much this past year about ourselves and it seems the world has changed in so many ways. From an insurance standpoint, one of the biggest changes that might impact you directly is with travel insurance. Vacations are sacred, and when they get interrupted or cancelled it can be not only heart breaking but also very expensive. Prior to COVID, pandemics were not covered by travel insurance contracts. Trust me, our family found out the hard way. We were literally on our way to the airport on March 16th to celebrate my wife’s 40th birthday with our friends in a beautiful setting when the plug got pulled on us.   Since that day nine months ago, companies have scrambled to adopt their travel insurance policies to provide coverage for a COVID diagnosis that interrupts or cancels your ability to travel. These policies are surprisingly very affordable and cover everything from airfare to accommodations to car rentals and even medical benefits while on vacation. We don’t sell these policies at Barouh Integra Insurance, but have had several very good experiences using www.travelinsurance.com. This site allows you to compare the cost and benefits of multiple providers while providing quotes for your family’s travels within minutes. I personally like the AIG Preferred Plan which allows for very flexible trip cancellation due to unforeseen work circumstances.   Hopefully in 2021, we can start to put COVID in the rearview mirror. But until we do, consider travel insurance as a necessary addition to your travel plans and hope you won’t have to use it!
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