Josh Barouh: Who’s Got Your Back?

Thirteen years of my insurance career was spent working as a Senior Sales Representative for one of the major national brands that you see advertised on television and online almost every day. The issue that I continually faced was that I could not put my clients’ interests first. Each week someone would say, “Josh we love you and your service but just can no longer stomach these rate increases.” That’s how Barouh Integra Insurance was born.

Our goal as an insurance portfolio manager is to review your entire package of policies: auto, home, life, flood, etc. We will review these annually and consistently ensure that your coverage and rates are in-line with what is expected. Insurance companies are obligated to pay contractually when coverage is warranted, but they are not obligated to do what is best for your pocketbook. If you rate increases by more than 10%, we are re-shopping for you without you even asking. How’s that for service?

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